Spatial development concept and revision of the Cantonal Development Plan for Thurgau

The Canton of Thurgau is implementing the provisions contained in the latest amendment to the Swiss Spatial Planning Act. EBP is helping the canton to revise its cantonal development plan for compliance with the amendment.

The most recent amendment to the Swiss Spatial Planning Act came into effect on May 1, 2014. The aim of the revised law is to ensure a more economical use of land, limit suburban sprawl and promote the creation of compact settlements. The implementation of the amendment at the cantonal level has included the revision of the cantonal development plan and, as an integral part of this, the drafting of a spatial development concept.

The Canton of Thurgau sets out its vision for future development in its cantonal spatial development concept, and is also formulating the different spatial development plans for specific areas. The spatial development concept also forms the basis for the coordination of all relevant activities, sectoral policies and additional tasks that will arise in connection with the current revision of the cantonal development plan. The drafting of the spatial development concept and the revision of the development plan are to take place in the context of an extensive process that includes the participation of relevant municipal and regional representatives, as well as various concerned groups.
EBP is providing substantive and procedural support to the Thurgau Spatial Development Agency for the creation of a spatial development concept and the revision of the cantonal development plan:

  • Identification of the challenges associated with spatial development in Thurgau
  • Drafting of the spatial development concept with a vision of the future and spatial development objectives and strategies
  • Provision of overall process support and management
  • Provision of support for the conception, execution and evaluation of participatory events involving the various regional planning groups
  • Drafting of development plan texts and presentations

The revised development plan along with its spatial development concept have been made available to the public.