Population forecast for the Canton of Uri

In 2020, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO) published a forecast of population growth for the Canton of Uri. Interested in arriving at a better understanding of the significance of the forecast, the Canton of Uri commissioned EBP to evaluate the matter. We approached our assignment by examining the various scenarios developed by the SFSO, analyzing the data on the canton’s recent population growth, and deriving estimates of population growth in the canton up to the year 2035. We also updated the population-growth forecasts for the canton’s individual regions. The canton now has access to a sound assessment that can be used to guide its development planning in areas such as transportation and housing.

Our services

  • Analysis and evaluation of population growth in the canton from 2012 to 2018
  • Application of the federal forecasts to existing cantonal scenar-ios
  • Production of population-growth forecasts for the canton’s re-gions
  • Interpretation of the federal forecast in context, and drafting of a report for the canton

Picture Credits: ETH Zürich / ARE Uri

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