Procurement Consulting for WWTP Glarnerland, Switzerland

The Glarnerland Wastewater Treatment Association (AVG) plans to rehabilitate the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) Glarnerland, to extend its capacity from 70’000 to 105’000 Person Equivalents (PE) and to implement advanced treatment for the elimina-tion of micropollutants. EBP supports AVG with the procurement of the design and implementation consultancy.

The WWTP Glarnerland was constructed in the 1970s and subsequently renovated and ex-tended. Currently, the WWTP treats the wastewater of six municipalities in Eastern Switzer-land and has reached its treatment capacity of 70’000PE. Due to the aging infrastructure, the population growth in the catchment area and the connection of smaller WWTP, WWTP Glarnerland needs to be rehabilitated and extended. As part of WWTP extension, the process chain will be enhanced by an additional treatment step for the elimination of micropollutants in accordance with revised Federal Act on the Protection of Waters. The investment costs are estimated at about CHF 45 million.

EBP supports AVG with the procurement for the design and implementation consultancy. This includes the elaboration of a tendering concept, the preparation of the tender documents, tendering and tender evaluation as well as contracting support.

Picture Credits: Abwasserverband Glarnerland AVG