Climate change adaptation in the Canton of Solothurn

What impact will climate change have on the Canton of Solothurn? What measures should the canton be ready to implement, and when? EBP analyzes the impact that climate change is expected to have and works together with the canton to develop an appropriate action plan for adaptation.

The Governing Council of the Canton of Solothurn has instructed a cantonal committee to outline the effects that climate change is expected to have on the canton, to identify the areas in which it will be necessary to respond and to compile appropriate measures in an action plan.

EBP has supported these efforts by providing an outline of the effects that climate change is expected to have in various areas, providing an overview of the measures already taken in the canton, and developing an action plan that includes target areas and specific measures. Working together with the canton, we evaluated the measures, assessed their relative urgency and assigned corresponding deadlines for their implementation.

The early, systematic evaluation of the adaptation options enables the identified measures to be integrated into existing processes, and to be implemented at an appropriate time, thus reducing costs through smart responses.

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