Fast-Charging Stations for e-Trucks in Switzerland

The rapidly increasing demand for electric delivery and freight trucks in Switzerland has upped the pressure on government officials to do what they can to accelerate the development and expansion of the country’s existing charging networks. Key players from the fields of electromobility and road transport joined forces and commissioned EBP to conduct a corresponding study determine the demand for the number and capacity of corresponding charging points and their ideal location along the Swiss national road network.

Our services

  • Managing and conducting a dialogue process with vehicle importers, logistics companies (Dreier AG, Galliker Transport AG, Sieber Transport AG), the Swiss Commercial Vehicle Association (ASTAG), the Association of Swiss Vehicle Importers (auto-schweiz), Swiss eMobility, the Swiss federal offices of Energy (SFOE) and Roads, (FEDRO) as well as Milence
  • Developing scenarios to represent the rapidly expanding market for emission-free, heavy-duty commercial vehicles in Switzerland
  • Modeling of charging demand and behavior of e-trucks operators in Switzerland
  • Location planning for fast-charging stations
  • Spatial distribution and dimensioning of fast-charging stations
Schnell-Ladehubs E-LKW
15 areas in which fast-charging stations for e-trucks are to be installed by 2030

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