The future of metropolitan Zurich’s gas infrastructure

What role will be left for gas distribution networks to play in a virtually climate-neutral world? In search of an answer, EBP conferred with all of the relevant stakeholders in the framework of a dialogue project.

Our energy and climate policies have shifted rapidly as we expand our efforts to achieve a more sustainable supply and use of energy. In August 2019, the Swiss Federal Council passed a resolution stipulating that Switzerland is to become climate-neutral by 2050. What impact will such ambitious climate goals have on Switzerland’s existing gas distribution networks? Analyses of this issue in the media often seem contradictory.

EBP launched a dialogue project on the impact that energy policy changes can be expected to have on city and municipal gas distribution pipelines so as to establish a basis for developing smart strategies and avoiding stranded investments. A total of 15 stakeholders – including suppliers, scientists and municipal, cantonal, and federal representatives – joined one another to assess the facts, voice their opinions and issue recommendations.

The project results include an expert report and a convenient guide for suppliers and municipalities.

Picture Credits: Daniel Hager Photography

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