Integrated management system for Zurich Airport AG

Zurich Airport AG’s Aviation division provides and coordinates the services that enable high-availability, reliable and safe flight operations. EBP helped the Aviation division establish an integrated management system (IMS).

The aim of the project was to develop an instrument that would ensure process uniformity, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency throughout the various units of the Aviation division. To achieve this, we needed to represent all of the relevant processes in a superordinate process landscape that would apply to the entire Aviation division. The focus was on sequences subject to testing procedures and regulation. In addition to aligning all core processes, we were able to unify all relevant management and support processes.

The IMS forms a basis for airport certification in accordance with EASA specifications.

EBP provided the following services for the Aviation division:

  •  Charting of all current activities and processes in the various units
  •  Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of these processes
  •  Developing a new process landscape in consultation with the client
  •  Developing a short list of proposed IMS structures
  •  Drafting the details of the selected IMS
  •  Organizing workshops and conducting interviews