Lokstadt - Crocodile building

One of Switzerland’s largest wooden structures was built at the historic Sulzer industrial site in the city of Winterthur. Building information modeling (BIM) was used to plan for the sustainable commercial and residential building’s construction, with EBP assuming responsibility for the execution of the entire façade.

The architectural consortium consisting of the Baumberger & Stegmeier and KilgaPopp architectural firms submitted the proposal to build the entire seven-story structure of wood. The transparent façade elements (e.g. windows and folding walls) were attached either directly to the load-bearing structure or to wooden adapter frames. The opaque façade elements differ from story to story, with glass-fiber reinforced concrete and diamond-shaped titanium-zinc panels dominating the appearance of the exterior façade. Vertical façade elements made of wood were attached using a tongue-and-groove construction on the ground level of the interior courtyard. In light of the fire-safety specifications for the project, which dictated the exclusive use of materials meeting the RF1 fire-safety standard from the sixth story upward, we opted for RF1 panels and the above-mentioned diamond-shaped titanium-zinc panels. Sun protection is afforded by adjustable, drop-arm and vertical-drop awnings.

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