Office Building Façade Renovation at Gartenstrasse 14 in Zurich

The Zurich-based architectural firm Kohler+Ilario won a design competition to oversee the renovation of a façade for an entire perimeter-block building in the City of Zurich. The jury that awarded the contract cited the firm’s convincing design and an innovative plan developed by EBP for completing the renovation work without interrupting the daily course of business in the office building.

Originally built in the 1920s, the perimeter-block building had been renovated several times. However, given that the most recent renovation was completed many years ago, the building owner was convinced that it was time to modernize the façade design and renovate it in terms of energy efficiency. To ensure durability well into the future, large fixed-glazed windows with lateral, burglarproof opening casements made of wood and metal were installed. On the ground floor, room-sized mullion windows made of wood and metal were installed. In order to give the façade an appealing rectilinear appearance, fiberglass-reinforced concrete panels were installed around the windows. These exhibit multiple surface details while at the same time forming the actual window sills. Drainage joints on the façade ensure the efficient drainage of rainwater.

The developer’s specification that the façade renovation would need to be completed without interrupting the course of daily business presented special planning challenges. As outlined in the submission documents, EBP presented a smart plan for ensuring that the office workers would continue to enjoy an optimal degree of comfort throughout the brief renovation phase.