Response to legislative query on water-management

As climate change gathers momentum, we can expect periods of drought to occur more frequently and last longer, ultimately undermining the security and stability of Switzerland’s water management. We helped the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) to prepare a response to a legislative query on current and future water demand and needs, existing disposable water reserves, and approaches to conflicts arising in connection with water scarcity. In a separate short report, we assessed the water-use data the government would need to meet its obligations and the extent to which such data are available at federal or cantonal levels.

Our services

  • Development of a common frame of reference and completion of an analysis of the need for water-use data by different federal agencies
  • Survey of selected cantons on their availability of the relevant water-use data, and subsequent documentation in the form of a short report
  • Compilation of the key information and assessment of the need for action with respect to the items in the legislative query
  • Provision of support to the project management team in matters of cross-agency coordination and the inclusion of other federal agencies

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