Streamlined management of Davos sports facilities

The municipality of Davos and the Davos Destinations Organization (DDO) have joined forces in an effort to streamline the management and operation of their sports facilities. In connection with this endeavor, EBP was commissioned to help develop a well-structured organization.

Aiming to streamline the management of sports facilities

As an internationally prominent tourist destination, Davos has been striving for a long time to establish and maintain a wide array of sports facilities as a means of securing its reputation as an attractive destination. As the number of facilities has grown over time, the maintenance and operation the facilities has become more interwoven and complex for Davos and the DDO. Given this additional complexity, the municipality commissioned EBP to develop a streamlined organization for managing the facilities, with the ultimate aim of securing their long-term development and operation.

Development of future organizational models

The scope of EBP's assignment included providing substantive input for a new organizational model and moderating a workgroup consisting of municipal and DDO representatives charged to restructure the management of the sports facilities. Using a value-chain approach, EBP developed five alternative organizational models and evaluated them in terms of their respective contribution to the municipality's tourism and operational goals. EBP then drafted a plan for the future management of the sports facilities and outlined the steps that would be necessary to implement the plan.

Picture Credits: © Destination Davos Klosters

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