Building Renovation and New Construction in the Municipality of Maur

Two secondary school buildings, a congregation hall, a multipurpose gymnasium and various youth, recreational and sports facilities in the municipality of Maur are in need of renovation or replacement. EBP is helping architectural firm, Dahinden Heim, to complete the planning for the renovation of the existing buildings and the construction of a new school building at the site.

Originally erected in the 1960s, most of the buildings are in need of extensive renovation, despite the fact that some substantial renovation measures were carried out in recent years. The Minergie-Eco energy-efficiency standard is to serve as a guideline for the entire project. In the context of the design competition held in the year 2013 within the scope of the project, the jury selected a proposal submitted by a team of planners working under the direction of the Winterthur-based Dahinden Heim architectural firm. As a member of the planning team, EBP will be responsible for all façade planning.

The building façades in need of renovation are mainly comprised of prefab concrete elements and metal window casements. The existing window casements are to be replaced with new metal window casements. These casements will then be outfitted with triple-glazed windows to meet the applicable insulation specifications. Exterior, electric shades will protect the classrooms from excessive temperatures in the summertime. The opaque building envelope is also to be renovated. This will involve the attachment of prefab concrete elements to the load-bearing construction at a certain distance to the buildings so as to secure rear ventilation. To avoid overloading the upper floors of the buildings, the elements will be positioned and then only attached horizontally to the load-bearing structure.

The façade for the new school building will resemble that of the existing buildings. In particular, the new building will also be outfitted with a rear-ventilated concrete facade with metal window casements.

The scope of the gymnasium renovation is limited to the construction of a lower plinth (opaque part) using prefab concrete elements. The main façade is comprised of a wood frame wall with an outer layer of expanded metal sheet and large new windows that will enable a sufficient amount of natural light to illuminate the gymnasium.