Climate Strategy 2050 for the City of Aarau

The city of Aarau reviewed its energy and climate goals. EBP helped the city to define a new set of goals, to work out viable approaches to achieve those goals and to include the relevant stakeholders in the process.

In 2012, the city of Aarau defined a set of energy and climate targets and developed an according a action plan. However, given the dynamic developments seen in recent years in the energy and climate-protection sectors, the city resolved to review its targets and revise its action plan accordingly. EBP supported the city throughout the process, helping it specifically to complete the following tasks:

  • Assess the targets “Net Zero 2030” and “Net Zero 2050.”
  • Describe the general approaches and specific measures necessary to achieve the selected targets.
  • Include the relevant stakeholders in the process of developing the new climate strategy.
  • Help to shape the process and organize the relevant workgroups.

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