Communications initiative for EnergyCity Columbia

Columbian cities are working with the Swiss label EnergyCity (“Energiestadt”) to: introduce more sustainable forms of transportation; better exploit available sources of renewable energy; and achieve a higher degree of energy efficiency. We have introduced a tailor-made communications initiative to encourage government agencies, municipalities and enterprises to actively prioritize these objectives.

Working together with local partners, EBP is helping to introduce energy standards that conform to those of the Swiss label EnergyCity. Three pilot projects have already been launched in the cities of Pasto, Montería and Fusagasugá. The main goal, however, is to encourage as many Columbian cities as possible to participate in the “Ciudad Energética Colombia” project. A communications initiative aligned to the needs of the target cities is a critical tool.

Strategic communication as a basis

Our first step was to draft a communications strategy while working in close consultation with our local colleagues. The strategy is to ensure that messages and measures capture the attention of various target groups in Columbia, including public agencies, municipalities, media outlets, enterprises and students.

The corporate design, including logo, stationery, colors and design elements, was created by a Columbian designer. We’ve also provided close development support and helped to align the local communication strategy with the overarching strategy and brand values of EnergyCity.

Website based on a user-centered-design process

We make deductions about the requirements our users will have in terms of our website using personas and their various needs, as part of a “user-centered design” process.

We created the website on the basis of a user-centered design process. From the analyses of problems to the implementation of measures, this method robustly includes the point of view of users to ensure intuitive, user-friendly products. The website’s user interface (UI) and user-experience feature (UX) make sure that the first impression of users is positive and that they are then able to intuitively find what they’re looking for. Attractive infographics break down the complexity and plant the most important advantages of “Ciudad Energética Colombia” in the hearts and minds of the users.

Broad mix of measures

user yourney
We deploy user journeys to visualize the requirements of users.

Beyond this, we’re also building a foundation for target-group-specific content with a social-media concept for networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We developed a concept for three storytelling videos and are supporting a locally based production company when it comes to their realization.

Media reports in Columbia about initial project success:

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