Concept for electric charging stations in Kloten

What is the best way to accommodate the demand for electricity that is expected to increase along with electromobility as we approach the year 2050? To answer this question on behalf of the Swiss city of Kloten, we first divided the city into zones and then ascertained the expected demand for electric energy and charging stations per zone and user group. Our results enabled us to estimate the scale of the necessary infrastructure and to define the city’s role regarding public access charging infrastructure.

Our services

  • Estimate of electromobility development (i.e. changes in vehicle stock, charging demand, need for charging stations, etc.) based on various EBP scenarios
  • Analysis of the spatial distribution of charging demand per user group
  • Estimate of the scale and costs of charging infrastructure expansion in the case of city properties, as well as an ascertainment of the stages in which the expansion can be expected to take place
  • Conceptualization the city’s role and analysis of possible operating concepts

Image: Cities and municipalities prepare for mobility transition
Picture Credits: © Stadt Kloten

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