Development concept for the city of Gossau

The city of Gossau is busy planning its long-term development on the basis of a city development concept. EBP supported the city council in the drafting of the development concept and organizing the community-based participatory process.

The city of Gossau (SG) and its surroundings are changing and developing continuously. In the interest of steering the process of development in a targeted manner and for the long term, the city has drafted a city development concept. On the basis of an integral view of housing, transportation, landscape and business development, the concept identifies specific priorities for spatial development in Gossau through to the year 2035.

Beginning with an analysis of the current situation, the city development concept describes goals and strategies for seven key areas, including residential development, commercial development, transportation, city center, Arnegg town district, recreational space and landscape. The concept serves as a guideline for continuing city planning efforts, the specification of goals and strategies in the municipal development plan, superordinate cantonal and regional development planning and the initiation and implementation of specific measures and projects.

In addition to supporting the city in the context of the drafting process and working out the substantive details of the development concept, EBP was also responsible for organizing and moderating the community-based participatory process. The interim results from the drafting of the city development concept were the subject of lively debates at two public events as well as within a steering group comprised of city and regional officials, public-interest advocates and business-community leaders. The proposal submitted by the city council is now set to be discussed and ratified by the city parliament in the fall of 2016.

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