Development project in Geroldswil

The municipality of Geroldswil commissioned the Zurich-based Baumberger & Stegmeier AG architectural firm to plan and construct a mixed residential and commercial complex in the town center. EBP was then commissioned by Baumberger & Stegmeier AG to help plan and realize the building’s façade.

The façade is to include brick and concrete columns that are to be joined to one another at the upper levels of the building with horizontal lintel elements made of concrete. Metal or concrete balustrade covers are to be used below the windows.

The large window casements on the upper levels of the building constitute the secondary façade. Rendered in wood and metal, these casements need to meet demanding structural specifications. The windows will be bordered on the outside with aluminum balustrade and wall coverings.

Large mullion windows are planned for the ground floor, which is to be partially comprised of colonnades. The entrances to the retail units and apartments are largely comprised of casements for automatic doors. The solid wall areas on the ground level and in the inner courtyard are made of prefab brick veneer panels. The brick columns on the ground level are reinforced in the rear with concrete so as to be able to withstand high impact loads. The brick panels are positioned on consoles and are to be anchored horizontally to the main framing. The overall effect is one of a uniform, multipurpose façade.