Establishing publicly accessible charging infrastructure in Swiss municipalities

In the framework of the federal Energy Strategy 2050, Swiss municipalities are to play a central role in the establishment of a fit-for-purpose charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Working on behalf of the municipalities, we are ascertaining future demand for charging stations and integrating our findings in an operating concept. With its extensive database, our digital “Localizer” allows us to develop and realize cost-effective and transportation-smart charging networks.

Our services

  • Ascertainment of future demand for charging infrastructure per municipality
  • Defining of viable operating models for charging stations on public property
  • Identification and prioritization of charging-station locations with the use of our Localizer
  • Calculation of the power needs for electric vehicles in individual municipalities
  • Development of three scenarios that are compatible with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy’s Energy Perspectives 2050+, including net-zero plans
  • Provision of support for the organization of public invitations to tender
Die verschiedenen Ladebedürfnisse der Elektrofahrzeughalterinnen und -halter
The various charging needs of electric-vehicle owners

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