Guideline for environmentally friendly garbage collection services

How can our public procurement practices be adapted to achieve ecological improvements?

While the use of appropriate garbage trucks could contribute to the reduction of our environmental impact and also help to protect our health, taking account of such ecological considerations in the context of public procurement procedures at city and municipal level represents a challenge. This challenge is the rationale behind the publication of a procurement guide for cities and municipalities.

EBP has established a basis for the publication of a guideline, the aim of which is to provide cities, municipalities and garbage collection services with instructions for adapting public procurement procedures to ensure the available potential is exploited.

The specific focus of the guideline is on the advantages and disadvantages of the deployable garbage trucks. As a guide for the tendering and procurement process, EBP defines the ecological criteria that warrant consideration when it comes to awarding contracts. These criteria include carbon emissions, nitrogen-oxide emissions, particulate emissions and noise. The project team outlines the relevant parameters and the information required to assess these. As a supplement to the contract-awarding criteria, the guideline also offers instructions on drafting appropriate specifications for service performance and judging vehicle suitability (e.g. the use of green power in vehicles with electric engines).

The team makes use of intuitive examples to illustrate how cities and municipalities can optimize their ecological performance.

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