Integrated Urban Development Plan for Frankfurt 2030

As it seeks to keep pace with an expanding and increasingly diverse population, the German city of Frankfurt am Main will face both opportunities and major challenges in the coming years. Frankfurt’s Urban Planning Office commissioned EBP to collaborate on drafting an integrated urban development plan to address these issues.

Profound changes entail considerable challenges and opportunities

Frankfurt am Main is growing and becoming more socially diverse. It is also becoming increasingly interlinked with other cities and municipalities in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan area as well as with other cities in Germany and throughout the world. Changing mobility needs and leisure activities present further challenges, which stand in stark contrast to climate change and more stringent requirements regarding the sustainable use of natural resources. All of these challenges require coordinated action on the part of the city’s various stakeholders.

While the city continues to enjoy a solid economic base, it nonetheless needs to continuously reassert itself in order to maintain its prosperity in the face of competition from other metropolitan areas.

Integrated urban development plan

In order to meet these challenges, Frankfurt commissioned EBP to support the Urban Planning Office with the drafting of an integrated urban development plan to serve as a guideline for city officials and other stakeholders. The plan includes the city’s key strategic objectives and the means by which it expects to meet them. While the development plan has a clear spatial orientation in that it designates specific development sites within the city, such as urban regeneration sites or additional public transport infrastructure, it also addresses general factors which are crucial for improving the quality of life in the city, such as the need to secure socially sustainable development and transparent tendering procedures for all major city projects.

Urban development plan awaiting publication

The integrated urban development plan (Phase 2) is currently being reviewed by the government of the city of Frankfurt. The publication of the development plan is expected after its ratification. However, a preliminary status report (Phase 1) has already been published.

Comprehensive support provided by EBP

EBP provided the Frankfurt Urban Planning Office with comprehensive consulting services regarding the content and process of the integrated urban development plan. These services included:

  • Conception, organization and moderation of the drafting process
  • Provision of major content for the status report and the urban development plan in close cooperation with the project management and the involved city administration offices.
  • Organization, moderation and evaluation of workshops with city officials
  • Conception and design of spatial analysis and strategy maps
  • Content support and coordination of public events including the moderation of panel discussions
  • Evaluation and integration of contributions generated in workshops by various experts

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