Mobility benchmark for the City of Zurich

A mobility benchmark is to be introduced to enable Zurich-based enterprises to compare their mobility management programs to those of other Zurich-based enterprises and to thereby gain an opportunity to exploit any existing potential for improvement.

Starting situation

Many enterprises in the city of Zurich have long since begun to implement measures that enable their employees to promote their own health while at the same time affording them a convenient means of commuting to work and managing their business-related travels. The city of Zurich now offers Zurich-based companies a mobility-benchmark tool that enables them to compare their mobility-management programs to those of other companies and to thereby gain access to new ideas for meeting their transportation needs.

The “Mobility Benchmark” tool

The tool offers a broad array of mobility-management measures relating to various categories such as “private-motor-vehicle transportation”, “public transportation”, “pedestrian and bicycle transportation” and the “organization and promotion of smart transportation”. The featured measures are weighted differently depending on their impact. In the end, the enterprises that use the tool receive an evaluation of their performance relative to other enterprises, as well as a wealth of information on how they might enhance their performance.

EBP’s contribution

Working together with the client, EBP defined an array of mobility-management measures, weighted these on the basis of their impact and used the results to create the tool. EBP then tested the tool in four different enterprises, evaluated the results and submitted corresponding recommendations to the enterprises.

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