Municipal parking code for Wohlen

The municipality of Wohlen would like to promote sustainable transportation solutions while also solving its parking problems. After analyzing the current situation and taking account of the views expressed by residents in the context of a participatory process, EBP drafted a new parking code so as to enable the management of the municipality’s parking situation.

Rejection of parking code

While Wohlen’s residents voted in the year 2008 to reject the introduction of the new parking code, a clear consensus on the need for action remained. This then led to renewed efforts to draft an acceptable code and prepare for its ratification by municipal lawmakers.

Aims and principles of the parking code

The primary aim of the parking code is to ensure that the available parking spaces in Wohlen are used as intended. This means that parking spaces in front of stores are primarily to be used by customers and that parking spots in residential districts and at sports facilities are primarily to be used, respectively, by residents and the users of the sports facilities.

The most important principle that is to be honored by the parking code is that of equality. As far as possible, the same rules are to apply to all shoppers, residents and users of sports facilities, irrespective of where in the municipality they happen to shop, live or practice sports.

Parking code development

The following steps were taken with the relevant municipality representatives:

  1. Verification of current situation, situation analysis and goal setting
    The representatives of the municipality of Wohlen were apprised of the changes that had occurred since the introduction of the old parking code in 2011. Relevant municipality resolutions were taken into consideration. The goals of the parking were updated.
  2. Zoning considerations
    Starting with the parking zones specified in the proposed parking concept, as well as other currently applicable site-management factors, an expanded zoning plan was drafted to serve as a basis for the new parking code.
  3. Drafting and revising the parking code
    The regulations for the parking-space management were broken down into two parts. The code, which is to be adapted and finalized by the Municipal Resident Council (Einwohnerrat), encompasses price ranges for the various zones (e.g. fees between CHF 1.00 and CHF 3.00 per hour). In a supplementary ordinance, the Municipal Council (Gemeinderat) is then given an opportunity to specify the amount that is to be applied upon the code’s introduction (e.g. CHF 2.00 per hour).
  4. Coordination with the relevant stakeholders
    In the context of a multiple-stage process, the parking-zone plan and the code itself were discussed together with various stakeholders, including representatives of political parties, associations, citizens’ groups, etc. The feedback provided by these groups was then used to further develop the zoning plan and the parking code until a version of both had been established that would be capable of passage in the local parliament.
  5. Assessment of cost effectiveness
    The economic impact of the provisions contained in the code was examined and presented so as to provide an important basis for a resolution capable of obtaining a parliamentary majority.

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