Restructuring Skyguide’s Physical Security department

Skyguide’s role is to ensure flight safety in Switzerland and in portions of the airspace above countries bordering Switzerland. Fulfilling this vital mission also depends on the security of one’s own employees, infrastructures and information systems. We helped the Physical Security Department to assess the degree to which it is doing the right things and doing them in the right way.

The Physical Security Department is responsible for numerous security-related tasks such as badge management, access control and work safety. The scope of the department’s tasks has continuously expanded in recent years as a result of additional activities and an increase in the number of cases it handles (e.g. increased number of badges).

In order to ensure to fulfill its mission throughout the coming years, the Physical Security Department decided to optimize its structure, processes and task portfolio. Skyguide commissioned EBP as an external consultant to support its optimization efforts. The scope of our assignment included analyzing the current situation, identifying optimization potential and streamlining the department’s orientation.

EBP provided the following specific services:

  • Evaluation of the existing task portfolio
  • Evaluation of the existing structures and processes
  • Identification of optimization potential
  • Drafting of a concept for the department’s further development and task portfolio
  • Drafting of alternative models for the reorganization of activities within the department and the enterprise
  • Assessment of resource needs

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