Strategy review of electric vehicle services

AEW has offered services related to electric vehicles for several years. In order to optimally align its market activities to future market opportunities, AEW recently commissioned EBP to review its current business strategy and to help it define a new strategy.

AEW has operated its own electric vehicle charging stations for many years, while also planning and installing charging stations for third-party operators and providing electric-vehicle carsharing services. In order to enhance its ability to exploit future market opportunities in the area of electric-vehicle services, AEW commissioned EBP to help it develop a new business strategy.

EBP approached its assignment by first analyzing and discussing with AEW representatives current and future market developments and to assess the associated risks and opportunities. We then examined the company’s current business activities and helped it to identify and evaluate new business ideas. Our findings were then used as a basis for defining an optimal range of services for the future.

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