Sufficiency measures for municipalities

Working together with the PUSCH Foundation and KlimaBündnis-Städte Schweiz (KBSS), we are helping to encourage municipalities to promote sufficiency projects and to devise policies that support sufficient Lifestyles.

Supported by the Mercator Foundation, the aim of the project is to sensitise municipalities throughout Switzerland to the subject of sufficiency and to encourage these municipalities to promote sufficiency measures. The project includes the provision of general support and appropriate tools to municipalities so as to enable them to implement specific projects and to share information with other municipalities.

All interested municipalities are supported by specialists for a period of two years. The scope of the project also includes the organisation of one convention in German-speaking Switzerland and one in French-speaking Switzerland, as well as two subsequent educational programmes and opportunities to share information with other municipalities. Finally, a toolbox of ideas for specific sufficiency projects is to be drafted and made available to the municipalities.

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