Sustainable buildings in Latin America

The Swiss government would like to promote energy-efficient housing and infrastructure to serve vulnerable communities in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. The main aim is to improve the indoor comfort of buildings in tropical climates while also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector.

To support the Swiss government’s initiative, EBP is currently working in a consortium with Efizity and Carbon Trust to promote energy-efficient building practices, establish capacity building programs, and develop an appropriate legal framework in each country. In this regard, we are also working in close consultation with local agencies, universities, and private companies in order to foster the topic of sustainable construction in Latin America.

Our services

  • Comfortable, energy-efficient buildings: We are overseeing the planning and construction of four sustainable buildings
  • Educational and advanced training programs: We are developing online courses, a summer school, and a certification program for architects and engineers
  • Legal frameworks: We are consulting local authorities on the development of legal frameworks for promoting the construction of comfortable and energy-efficient buildings buildings

Nachhaltiges Bauen in Lateinamerika

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