The web-based StorMe register of natural disasters

Flooding, avalanches, landslides and other natural hazards endanger people and critical infrastructure. In the interest of civil protection, the newly developed StorMe web application enables cantons and other organizations to conveniently and systematically record event-related data.

In addition to average annual property losses of CHF 300 million, natural hazards in Switzerland have repeatedly led to a loss of life. Considerable efforts are made each year to ensure population safety and minimize the loss of property. Data pertaining to past incidents represent an important source of information when it comes to assessing the future hazard risks and implementing corresponding safety measures. Switzerland’s cantons are therefore obligated to maintain a register of natural disasters.

The StorMe register of natural disasters

The Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) operates the StorMe register of natural disasters in order to enable the recording of data pertaining to events such as flooding, mudslides, rock-falls and avalanches that occur throughout Switzerland. While many cantons had been using the system for years to record their disaster data, the application recently reached the end of its service life. With the system obsolete, EBP was commissioned to completely redevelop and launch the system as a modern web-based application.

Convenient recording and exchange of data

The new StorMe application now enables government agencies and the cantons to conveniently record, process and analyze data pertaining to natural disasters. The circle of users with access to the system has also been expanded to include other organizations that are affected by natural hazards, including the Swiss Federal Railway Company (SBB). StorMe supports its users as they complete their tasks, and also provides tools that simplify coordination among the participating organizations. This aspect of the system is enabled by extensive interfaces for data exchange with satellite systems.

EBP’s project role

EBP first drafted the system specifications and then developed the new StorMe web application, which was rendered with Angular and C#/.NET, as well as Esri ArcGIS Server and Esri ArcGIS JavaScript API to enable map visualization. In addition to drafting the specifications and developing the system, EBP provided training sessions for employees and is overseeing the introduction of the new system in the various organizations.

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