Concept for a nuclear-free electricity mix for Thurgau

The Canton of Thurgau commits itself to renewable energies and energy efficiency. EBP is supporting the canton in drafting a concept for a nuclear-free electricity mix for Thurgau.

The Swiss Parliament and cantonal government of Thurgau have stated their intention to draft a strategy for a nuclear-free electricity supply. The strategy defines measurable objectives regarding energy efficiency and electricity production from renewable energies and a time schedule for its implementation. Measures to help achieve these objectives are also indicated.

EBP is developing the basis for the content of the concept, including the analysis of today’s electricity supply and the potential for using renewable energies. In addition, strategy variants and measures are being developed together with experts in a working group. The strategy variants will then be evaluated with regard to cost, economic impact, security of supply and the impact on the environment. The results will be documented in a report for the cantonal government and prepared for the further political process.

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