Development of the Uetikon chemical factory site

The development of the site of the abandoned Chemie Uetikon AG factory represents a major opportunity for the municipality of Uetikon am See, its surrounding communities and the Canton of Zurich. EBP has been commissioned to oversee the planning and transformation process.

The development of the 16-acre Uetikon chemical factory site has been a focus of public interest for years. Owing to its location and size, the site’s development is expected to have a major impact on the municipality, the region and the canton. In the coming years, the site will be successively transformed and made available for various public and private uses. For instance, a new high school is to open its doors to 1,500 students by 2028.

EBP was commissioned as an external project consultant to assume responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Project management and organization:
    In addition to overseeing cost control for the overall project, EBP will oversee scheduling, organize and lead project meetings and manage all pending matters. This includes supporting the developers in all matters of project organization, execution and quality. Beyond this, we will also be in charge of the tendering process.
  • Site planning and project approval:
    EBP will organize a variance method to ascertain the site’s development potential and to formulate an appropriate development plan. As a follow-up, EBP will oversee the drafting of a development proposal by the Zurich-based Salewski & Kretz Architectural Firm and various partners (Atelier LOIDL Landscape Architects Berlin GmbH, Berlin, Basler & Hofmann AG Engineering, Planning and Consulting Firm, Zurich, Mia Nold, MICHAEL EMMENEGGER Analysis and Management of Social Processes, Zurich) and convert the proposal into a master plan that meets the relevant statutory provisions required for approval. This work will include managing all legal issues relating to special-use planning and any changes to the development plan.
  • Site use:
    EBP will assist the developers when it comes to converting the site for the planned uses. This will include lakeshore access and path planning, managing the site’s interim use and clarifying all issues relating to site contamination, site supply and waste removal.
  • Cost effectiveness:
    EBP will consult with the developers in all matters relating to the project’s cost effectiveness and examine its impact on the municipal budget.
  • Public participation:
    The Zurich-based firm moderat has been commissioned to manage the public-participation aspects of the project. In connection with this assignment, EBP will assist in the design of the process and the organization of the individual events.

Picture Credits: Canton of Zurich Building Department, Office of Spatial Development

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