Geographic information portal for the Swiss Army

The Swiss Army is looking to standardize its use of spatial data. EBP is helping the Army to design a geoinformation portal.

The Swiss Armed Forces want to simplify and standardize the use of geodata and geoinformation across the organisation. For this reason, a «Mil Platform» shall be implemented based on the «Federal Administration Platform» of Swisstopo.

One of the main components of the Mil Platform is a spatial data portal (GeoInfo Portal V) that gives its users access to geodata in a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The platform needs to be capable of handling classified data as well as data of global extent.

EBP is helping the Military Geographic Information Service of the Swiss Armed Forces Staff in the HERMES project phases «Initialization» and «Concept» aimed at setting up the Mil Platform. In this context, we support the business analysis and model the requirements that are to be met by the GeoInfo Portal V in SPARX Enterprise Architect. We define the system architecture and, together with the Armed Forces Command Support Organisation, build a prototype. We also write the HERMES documentation for the system architecture, information security and data protection, testing, integration, introduction and operation.

In addition to offering technical support, EBP is advising the Head of the Military Geographic Information Service in matters relating to the organizational structures and procedures behind the Military Geographic Information Service V. The project is being completed in accordance with the TUNE 14 method, which corresponds to the HERMES-5 method, but is adapted to specific defense needs.