Geographic information portal for the Swiss Army

The Swiss Army was looking to standardise its use of geodata. EBP was commissioned to help the Army develop a geographic information portal.

In order to meet the Swiss Army’s request for a simplified and standardised means of using geographic information, the "Mil User Platform" is to be realised on the basis of the Swiss Federal Office of Topography’s (swisstopo) "Federal Administration User Platform".

A geographic information portal (GeoInfo Portal V) enabling access to and processing of geodata in a service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the central component of the Mil User Platform. The portal must ensure a capacity to process classified data from sources around the world.

EBP supported the Military Geographic Information Service of the Armed Forces Joint Staff in the conception, initiation and installation phases of the Mil User Platform project. We manage the relevant business analyses and also model the requirements to be met by the GeoInfo Portal V in SPARX Enterprise Architect.

In addition to handling the technical aspects of the project, EBP acted as a consultant to the Director of the Military Geographic Information Service so as to facilitate the design and setup of the system. We also help to design the processes that are used by the Military Geographic Information Service V (process organisation). The project was undertaken on the basis of the TUNE 14 method, i.e. corresponding to HERMES 5 while also allowing for adaptations that meet the needs of the Swiss Department of Defence.