Implementation of flood protection measures for the municipality of Männedorf, Switzerland

EBP is designing and implementing a comprehensive set of sustainable flood protection measures for the municipality of Männedorf.

As a requirement of the natural hazard maps, the municipalities of the Canton of Zurich are invited to design and implement flood protection measures. The municipality of Männedorf has mandated  EBP to develop a systematic set of measures in order to prevent flooding and to mitigate associated damage.

In the context of the municipality’s strategic planning, the measures consider criteria such as damage reduction, flood risk mitigation, economic and technical feasibility as well as ecological and social impacts.

The strategic planning pursues the following goals:

  • Identify flood protection deficits and areas with significant risks and potential damage.
  • Draft a set of risk-based measures.
  • Assess and prioritize the measures based on their technical and financial impact.
  • -Set up an implementation time frame.

EBP will provide a highly pragmatic and comprehensive flood protection planning instrument, incl. conclusive maps and a realistic implementation schedule. This will contribute to the reputation of Männedorf as an attractive, liveable and business friendly town.

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