Electromobility is on the threshold of becoming a mass market. However, the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is still underdeveloped at the present time, and must experience significant growth in the coming years in line with the growth in sales of electric vehicles. We lay the groundwork for the decisions which need to be made in this context: market prognoses for electric vehicles, planning of the charging infrastructure, action plans, and the conceptualization of promotional campaigns.


EBP is at the forefront of energy-efficient mobility and electromobility. Our experts have the benefit of many years of experience in research, consulting and projects involving conceptualization of concrete measures. We maintain comprehensive databases, compile our own new user data and apply our internally developed forecasting models.

The work we undertake to develop foundations for decision making is enabling electromobility to make a positive contribution to a sustainable energy and mobility system, as well as helping our customers to make cost savings and respond promptly in the changing market.

Our services in the field of electromobility include:

  • Analysis of the opportunities and risks of electromobility, taking account of regional variations
  • Modeling of the market penetration of electric vehicles by 2030/2050 in several scenarios
  • The demand for electricity and number of charging stations needed (home charging, workplace charging, leisure charging, fast charging)
  • Geographical distribution of charging infrastructure for cantons and municipalities
  • Recommendations for action for authorities (federal, cantonal, municipal), energy providers, developers, the motor vehicle industry, and retailers
  • Identification of new business models
  • Designing of promotional campaigns for electric cars and charging infrastructure

We operate on a strictly neutral basis and are not beholden to the government, car or charging technology manufacturers or operators of accounting systems. Our customers include federal, cantonal and municipal authorities as well as private sector companies.