Working on your behalf, EBP makes use of optimized procurement procedures to determine the most advantageous tender for the specific services you require. We give you competent support whenever you need to procure services, particularly construction services relating to infrastructure projects.

The aim of procurement management is to select the tenderer with the most advantageous offer. This tenderer then renders his service in accordance with the established specifications. Provision is made in Swiss procurement law for various types of tendering procedures, including open tendering procedure, selective tendering procedure and limited tendering procedure. The selection of a specific tendering procedure is determined in accordance with the applicable cantonal or federal specifications. Other service and solution-oriented forms of procurement include contests, study contracts, circumscribed service offers and special derivatives of these forms (e.g. planning-firm selection and dialogue as per Art. 26a of the Swiss Ordinance on Public Procurement).

From procurement concept to contract signing

EBP has extensive experience in all of these forms of tendering procedures, as well as with respect to a wide range of services relating to infrastructure projects across all SIA phases. We support you from the procurement concept to the signing of the contract.

Optimal teams of experts for our clients

Our clients include cities, municipalities, cantons, federal offices as well as public and private enterprises with exclusive or special rights. The scope of our services includes the water, energy, transportation and telecommunications sectors (e.g. departments of public works, wastewater treatment associations, power companies, railways and airport operators). With numerous experts in a broad range of fields, including structural engineering, railway and road construction, transportation, and environmental impact assessment, we are able to quickly assemble cohesive support teams that meet your exact needs.