Animated video to celebrate Minergie’s 20th anniversary

Minergie, the Swiss-based issuer of energy-efficiency labels for buildings, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018. To showcase the Minergie Association’s success and the many places where people encounter Minergie in their daily lives, EBP created an animated anniversary video.

Video to celebrate Minergie’s 20th anniversary

The assignment was to create an animated video to celebrate the Minergie enterprise’s 20th anniversary, to honor its achievements, to illustrate the positive impact it has had and to capture its visions for the future. To do this, we revamped the Minergie design and identified content that would surprise viewers despite the label’s prominence.

Surprising facts that capture Minergie’s versatility

The facts and figures we discovered while conducting our research and conferring with Minergie are impressive. For instance, around one million people currently use Minergie buildings and numerous schools, indoor swimming pools and hospitals that have been built according to Minergie standards. This is why one encounters the label almost everywhere although few are ever aware of it. On the occasion of the anniversary year, we made these figures visible and found comparisons that illustrate their significance.

Bridge to current Minergie activities

Minergie was determined, however, to do more than just celebrate its past successes. The explainer video was also to build a bridge to current Minergie standards – the result of twenty years of experience – and venture a look into the future.

Explainer video as a part of an entire anniversary concept

The anniversary video was a part of an entire anniversary concept that EBP developed for Minergie. The developed design was also applied on the anniversary website, various print productions,  presentations and social media. EBP was responsible for the complete production of the explainer video. We developed the concept, drafted the storyboard, created the illustrations (including the character design and the script) completed the animation and coordinated the sound design. The anniversary video is available in German, French and Italian.
Even an animated polar bear made its debut in the video – a little “Easter egg” incorporated at the special request of the Minergie team.

Sounddesign: Patrick Boehler,
Voices: Wanda Wylowa (German), Laure Brender (French), Monica Lindt (Italian)

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