Communicating the sustainability of sugar produced by Schweizer Zucker AG

Swiss beet sugar is more sustainable than imported sugar. That is the main finding of a sustainability assessment carried out by EBP. Working in close consultation with the author of the original study, we have created a microsite that offers an intuitive summary of the new findings. The microsite gives customers of Schweizer Zucker AG a sound basis for making their purchasing decisions.

Although most consumers are not likely to take a direct interest in sugar production factors such as crop yield, fertilizers and methods of beet-sugar extraction, the study conducted by EBP’s sustainability experts underscores their relevance. This is because precisely these factors are what is behind the fact that the environmental sustainability of conventionally produced Swiss beet sugar is significantly better than that of sugar imported from the European Union.

Speaking the language of the relevant target groups

We use customized communication measures to ensure that all of the relevant target groups – including industrial customers, end customers, public representatives, farmers and journalists – can be made aware of the positive findings of the study. We present the results in a manner that is intuitive for the various stakeholders and encourages them to take a closer look at the technical issues involved. We also make sure to adapt the content of our communication measures to match the different backgrounds of the heterogeneous target groups. Thanks to our close consultation with the author of the EBP sustainability assessment, we are able to ensure the presented information is scientifically accurate and verifiable.

Microsite with infographics to illustrate sustainability

At the center of our promotional efforts is the one-page microsite “” where the key technical issues are presented in a clean, intuitive and emotionally evocative manner. Appealing infographics used to illustrate the sugar-production chain enable viewers to gain a quick understanding of the technical issues behind Schweizer Zucker AG’s sustainability-based unique selling propositions (USPs), ranging from cultivation and factory production to by-products and transport. Those who would like to learn more about the individual sustainability USPs can refer to the overlays for more in-depth information. We use bar diagrams to represent the effective environmental impact of a kilogram of sugar for each of the relevant areas. Moreover, at the end of the one-pager, we offer a comparison of the total environmental impact of a kilogram of Swiss sugar and a kilogram of EU sugar. The microsite was programmed by Odoson.

Other project assignments

In addition to the microsite, we were also responsible for editing the study synopsis and designing its layout, and supported Schweizer Zucker AG by creating advertising material and completing other media tasks.

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