Hazard and risk assessment for the canton of Lucerne

What can be done to improve the canton of Lucerne’s civil protection system? The canton’s High Command answered this question with the help of the KATAPLAN guideline issued by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP).

Working on behalf of the canton of Lucerne during the project’s first phase (2019), we defined the relevant hazards and assessed the risks in terms of civil protection measures, and drafted the various documents that would provide a basis for planning. During the project’s second phase (2020), we identified those areas in which improvements could be made and worked out an approach to a system of continuous risk management.

Our services

  • Provision of methodological support regarding KATAPLAN application and risk assessment
  • Substantive support, including the drafting of fact sheets, the development of specific actions, and the documentation of results
  • Organization and moderation of workshops
  • Drafting of a proposal for continuous risk management
  • Production of graphics and photographic material for publications
  • Presentation of results to the cantonal government and media outlets

Contact persons