Selecting a suitable source of energy for the Dietlimoos-Moos development site in Adliswil

Independent technical, economic and environmental analyses are crucial when it comes to selecting the right source of energy for a development site. That's why the Merbag Real Estate Company commissioned EBP to specify and evaluate the available solutions.

Three separate developers, including Merbag Real Estate, a consortium of property owners and the city of Adliswil, initiated various building projects at the Dietlimoos-Moos site in Adliswil. While the focus of the projects is on the construction of new housing units, a Mercedes Benz car dealership and various commercial units are also in the planning. Working on behalf of the developers, EBP examined the various possible sources of energy to determine the optimal source by which to heat the buildings.

Using an estimate of the necessary energy load and taking account of individual client needs, EBP developed the following selection of viable plans for heating the buildings and compared the plans in terms of their cost effectiveness and environmental impact:

  • Cold district heating drawn from the Zurich Cantonal Power Company (anergy grid with exhaust heat from sewage treatment facility) and heat pumps switched sequentially in each building
  • Natural gas with boilers in each building
  • Geothermal heat via heat pumps (would also provide air conditioning in the summer)

Our services

  • Estimation of heating needs
  • Comparison of cost-effectiveness and environmental impact
  • Ascertainment of viable primary-energy factors for cold district heating
  • Appraisal of the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing as opposed to independent, local installations
  • Summary report

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