Series of explainer videos for Minergie products

EBP created three videos to help explain various products offered under the Minergie energy-efficiency label. The scope of the assignment included the conception, illustration, scripting and animation of the videos.

The Minergie Association commissioned EBP to produce a series of easily accessible and yet informative animated videos that could be used to present its range of products to clients and partners. EBP approached the assignment by first developing a unique storyline for each of the following three topics: “New Construction”; “Renovation”; and “Energy-Efficient Building Use.” Despite their stand-alone quality, we also conceived the videos as parts of a series, for instance, by using common elements. Doing so promotes brand recognition and reinforces core brand messages.

Accessible product presentation

Although every product has its unique properties, advantages and target groups, the videos were also to function as a unit. We met this specification by using a common introductory scene and a consistent visual language for each video. Similarly, the concluding scenes for each of the videos were given common elements as well as the function of placing the product in the collection of Minergie products. This enabled us to simultaneously provide an overview of the entire portfolio.

New Construction
Energy-Efficient Building Use

Persuasion based on few words

One special challenge when making explainer videos is to present the technical details succinctly and incisively. Indeed, we were determined to limit the videos to 1.5 minutes so as to optimally account for the attention span of each target group. We also worked out intuitive and persuasive product pitches for the target groups, including a touch of humor, to enhance the viewers’ capacity to retain the relevant information.

Insisting on technical accuracy

We placed particular value on the technical accuracy of the video contents. The explainer videos were to be accurate both in terms of their scripts and illustrations. We profited here from our many years of experience, our prior work with Minergie and our close coordination with our own EBP experts. This enabled us to secure an optimal combination of technical accuracy, linguistic incisiveness and visual appeal, as well as the necessary levity that makes the explainer video such a compelling medium.

EBP provided a comprehensive video production service, ranging from the video concepts to the storyboards, scripts, illustrations, animations and sound-design coordination.

Sounddesign: Patrick Boehler,
Voices: Peter Hottinger (German), Olivier Vuille (French), Riccardo Merli (Italian)

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