Swisspower reissues Masterplan 2050

The Swisspower alliance of municipal utility companies has reissued its Masterplan 2050 to take account of yet more ambitious efforts to transform the energy sector. To better illustrate the specific areas in which progress needs to be made, we created a Masterplan 2050 brochure and poster. We also created a website to allow stakeholders to track project progress.

Originally issued in 2012, the Swisspower Masterplan 2050 was revised with the support of EBP in 2019 to signal the alliance’s intention to achieve exclusively renewables-based and carbon-free power-supply operations by 2050. We developed a brochure with an enclosed fold-out poster to illustrate the specific areas in which transformative measures will need to be implemented to achieve the ambitious goal.


Fold-out poster insert in Masterplan 2050 brochure

The aim of the fold-out poster insert in the Masterplan 2050 brochure is to give the individual utility companies in the Swisspower alliance a motivational, visual representation of the challenges involved. To make the complex issues more accessible in the space of a wall poster, we created a whole world of illustrations and infographics.

Digitaler Masterplan Report 2050

Throughout the following year, we recorded the latest Swisspower projects and project results on a dedicated microsite. To ensure a consistent brand and project identity, the microsite’s appearance borrows from the graphics created for the brochure, effectively incorporating them in an interactive digital world.

The microsite’s prominent design elements include clickable infographics and data visualizations. We also make use of a map and links to the main action areas to visualize the projects initiated by the various utility companies in the Swisspower alliance.

Additional communication measures

With further target-group-specific measures such as a redesigned newsletter, social-media content, key event visuals, product brochures and year-end greeting cards, we continue to help Swisspower communicate its vision.

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Swisspower Market Day

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