Development of the Cham Paper Mill Site

The Cham Paper Mill site is to be redeveloped. EBP will provide consulting services to the property owner and the municipality. These services will range from the drafting of a sustainable development concept to the provision of support when it comes to obtaining approval for the redevelopment of the former industrial site.

The property owner (Cham Paper Group Switzerland Inc.) and the municipality of Cham have joined forces to initiate and complete a cooperative planning process for the redevelopment of the approximately 12-hectare Papieri Industrial Site. EBP has been commissioned by the two main stakeholders to play the role of a project manager throughout the entire planning process.

A series of workshops has been organised to give the public an opportunity to discuss project specifications and participate in the establishment of a set of development criteria that can then be used as a basis for a city development study to be devised and carried out by EBP.

Upon the completion of all preliminary planning, EBP will use the findings to draft a master plan. This master plan will then be used as a basis for a development plan and an environmental impact report. In the context of this subsequent planning, the municipal development plan and the building and zoning ordinance will also be adapted accordingly.

EBP will coordinate the contributions that are to be made by the specialist planners for the development plan and the environmental impact study before going on to draft the development plan. Other work will focus on providing consulting services to the stakeholders throughout the official review and approval process.

Picture Credits: Albi Nussbaumer Architekten | Boltshauser Architekten AG | Appert Zwahlen Partner Landschaftsarchitekten

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