Hazard and risk analysis for the Canton of St.Gallen

What potential catastrophes and emergency situations are of special relevance to the Canton of St.Gallen? Is St.Gallen particularly exposed to any specific kinds of threat? Which of these threats pose the greatest risk? Working together with representatives of the various partner organizations that make up the Canton of St. Gallen’s Civil Protection Authority, EBP has drafted a hazard and risk analysis that can be used as a basis for civil-protection planning.

KATAPLAN hazard and risk analysis

Various hazards could seriously threaten the lives and livelihoods of the people who live in the Canton of St.Gallen. In order to establish a basis for its prevention and mitigation planning, the Canton of St.Gallen commissioned its Agency for Military and Civil Protection (AfMZ) to oversee the completion of a hazard and risk analysis in accordance with the Swiss federal KATAPLAN Guideline.

Completing and evaluating the results of the analysis

Working in the capacity of a consultant, EBP helped the AfMZ to devise, execute and document the results of the analysis. This assignment included the following tasks:

  • Identification of hazards relevant to civil protection
  • Drafting reference scenarios for each hazard
  • Estimating the risks associated with each hazard
  • Documentation of the results per hazard in the form of practical hazard dossiers
  • Completion of a comparative analysis of the risks

Thanks to the participative approach taken for the project, we were able to help establish an important basis for civil-protection planning while at the same time promoting intra-cantonal risk dialogue.

Phase II: Deficit analysis

The risk analysis now serves the Canton of St.Gallen as a basis for efficient prevention and mitigation planning. In 2017 and 2018, the Canton of St.Gallen will carry out a deficit analysis in accordance with the federal KATAPLAN Guideline. EBP will continue to support the canton in its civil protection efforts.

Picture Credits: Agency for Military and Civil Protection

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