Hazard and risk analysis for the City of Zurich

What types of catastrophes and emergency situations are relevant to the city of Zurich and therefore need to be taken into consideration in the context of civil protection? And what are the specific risks associated with such catastrophes and emergency situations? EBP examined these questions together with federal, cantonal and city specialists.

Zurich is Switzerland’s largest and most populated city. Moreover, Zurich is also a prime destination for a large number of commuters and tourists. If a major catastrophic incident were to occur, the damage could be immense.

Zurich’s executive staff is responsible for implementing the measures that are deemed necessary to ensure that Zurich and its various organizations are well prepared for possible catastrophes and emergency situations and can respond efficiently to mitigate the impact of any such incidents.

In accordance with integral risk management in civil protection, the focus of these plans is on the hazard and risk analysis.

EBP offered substantive and methodological help to the members of the staff when it came to performing the following tasks:

  • Developing criteria for identifying relevant hazards
  • Evaluating the relevant hazards
  • Developing reference scenarios for the relevant hazards and identifying the specific risks associated with them
  • Representing and interpreting risks for purposes of comparison
  • Deriving recommendations for further action
  • Organizing and holding workshops

These tasks were completed in collaboration with specialists from various departments of the city of Zurich and the canton of Zurich, as well as the Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP).

Picture Credits: Johannes Dietschi, newspictures