Review-board service for the Bözberg Tunnel project

The Swiss Federal Railways’ (SBB) Bözberg Tunnel project on the main north-south rail line through Switzerland is one of the largest and most important projects involved in realizing a four-meter railway corridor to secure European interoperability.
EBP was commissioned to carry out an official review of the project. This assignment included the provision of management, consulting and support services to secure adherence to all project quality, budget, and scheduling specifications.

SBB’s Bözberg Tunnel construction project is to be completed as a part of the main north-south railway through Switzerland. The project is one of many aimed at creating a railway corridor with a clearance of 4 meters to establish conformity with European interoperability criteria.
The scope of the project includes a two-track, predominantly bored tunnel, as well as adjacent cut-and-cover segments, cross-passages, portals and approach stretches. Once the work on the new tunnel is complete, the old tunnel is to be transformed into a maintenance-and-rescue tunnel.
In addition to reviewing the project, our review board was commissioned to provide expert technical support and assistance to the developer. This work included supporting the project management throughout the project’s planning, tendering, execution and commissioning phases with an eye to securing adherence to all quality, budget and scheduling specifications. In case of existing or projected deviations, we also examined suitable countermeasures and issued corresponding recommendations.
The scope of our assignment also included providing management support, providing consulting services to the developer and reviewing specific technical issues and dossiers throughout the various processes and phases.
The following tasks were completed during the individual project phases:

Project planning and approval phases

  • Review of tunnel construction, track and railway technology
  • Review of adherence to Federal Office of Transport (FOT) specifications

Tendering and awarding of contracts

  • Review and consultation relating to critical documentation (contracts, special provisions, performance directories) for all contracted work
  • Discussions relating to GC+ contract model
  • Bid evaluations and comparisons
  • Participation in contractor meetings and negotations


  • Participation at all key engineering and construction management meetings
  • Provision of review and consultation services relating to contractor demands, proposals and correspondence
  • Provision of review services and recommendations concerning contractor proposals
  • Participation in the development and review of risk-management measures
  • Integration and coordination of additional experts


  • Process consulting and knowledge transfer
  • Review of acceptance and transfer procedures

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