Security concept for the City of Kreuzlingen

Public spaces in the city of Kreuzlingen have long been untroubled by security concerns. In order to help ensure that this remains the case in the years to come as the city faces various challenges such as population growth and a trend towards 24/7 services, the city commissioned EBP to help it develop a new security concept.

Kreuzlingen is an attractive city that offers a high quality of life, not least in the city’s public spaces, which have been extensively untroubled by the security concerns that have posed a challenge to other cities. Indeed, unlawful acts such as vandalism, disturbance of the peace and theft are rather seldom in Kreuzlingen. The measures taken by the city in recent years to preserve this atmosphere include the establishment of a task force to promote security in public spaces and the introduction of an electronic map for assessing the security situation in various parts of the city.

Kreuzlingen’s city representatives are now concerned to ensure that their city’s public spaces remain safe and attractive into the future – and this despite the challenges posed by population growth, the trend toward nightlife services and new forms of recreational behavior popular among the city’s residents and visitors.

This is why EBP was commissioned to help the city of Kreuzlingen to develop a security concept for its public spaces. The scope of the assignment included working together with the city’s Task Force for Secure Public Spaces to complete the following tasks:

  • Describe the current situation in the various public spaces.
  • Identify the relevant forms of unlawful behavior.
  • Formulate guidelines to establish and enhance security in the city’s public spaces.
  • Derive measures that can be implemented to reach the goals specified in the guidelines.
  • Draft specific recommendations for further action.

Picture Credits: City of Kreuzlingen

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