Security planning for the new Hardturm soccer stadium

When planning a new stadium like the Hardturm Stadium in Zurich, it is essential to take account of security concerns from the very beginning. HRS Real Estate AG (HRS) therefore commissioned EBP to help it develop smart security solutions for the space both in and around the new venue. EBP has already worked on a number of security considerations for the stadium.

HRS Real Estate AG has presented a plan for the comprehensive development of the Hardturm site. Referred to as the "Ensemble", the project includes the new stadium, two commercial-residential towers and one residential apartment building.

Building a soccer stadium in an urban setting requires a great deal of careful planning, with one the most important considerations for the planners being security. In the context of the "Ensemble" project, security both within the stadium and in the entire area outside the stadium are a key priority. It is naturally essential to secure the safety of the people living near the stadium, soccer fans and others who might visit the site, as well as to give all of these stakeholders a subjective feeling of being in a safe environment.

To achieve this goal, HRS commissioned EBP to perform the following tasks:

  • Draft a security concept for the area around the stadium: The concept encompasses plans for safe fan access routes to the stadium and security-relevant issues relating to the design of the venue’s perimeter. Here, various principles of urban development and crime prevention were applied.

  • Assess the traffic-safety situation: What impact will the project have on traffic safety in the vicinity of stadium? What specifications need to be adhered to in general and with respect to the self-luminous stadium façade in particular? EBP assessed the implications of the existing proposals and issued a number of planning recommendations.

  • Assess the accident risk: What are the risks (e.g. associated with the release of hazardous substances) for the people who live near the site or who frequent the site? EBP examined the risks and drafted various proposals for counteracting them.

Future tasks

On September 13, 2017 representatives of the city of Zürich and HRS presented the development plan for the "Ensemble" project to the public. EBP will remain active during the ensuing planning phases and will again be involved in 2018 in the handling of security-relevant issues relating to the area around the new soccer stadium.

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