Bern Plus hazard analysis

What disasters and emergencies are significant for the Bern Plus Region? EBP supported the regional administrative body in an analysis of the relevant events and assessment of the specific risks.

As of 1 January 2011, the administrative bodies of the City of Bern and the Municipalities of Bremgarten and Frauenkappelen were united to form the new regional administrative body (RFO) of Bern Plus Region. According to the Order on leadership in the event of disasters and emergencies, the leader of the RFO is “responsible for the appropriate preparation for disasters and emergencies” and ensures that the risk analysis for the whole Bern Plus Region is kept up-to-date. In accordance with this mission, the leader of the RFO has commissioned a review of the risk analysis from 2006. EBP supported the RFO in this work.

Central stages or products were:

  • Selection process of the events relevant to the RFO
  • Formation of a reference scenario for each event and, on the basis of this, the estimation of the risk for the Bern Plus Region
  • Drafting of a fact sheet for each event, showing in addition to the scenario and risk assessment specific information for the Plus Region
  • Summary and interpretation of the results

Picture Credits: Directorate of Security, the Environment and Energy, City of Bern

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