Infrastructure measures for greater transportation safety

The Swiss Association of Transportation Engineers and Experts (SVI) launched the second phase of its "Increasing Transportation Safety via Data Pooling and Structured Data Analysis", or VeSPA, research project in 2014. EBP was assigned to examine the area of safe road infrastructure.

During this second phase of the VeSPA research project, EBP carried out a more in-depth analysis of the interaction and combined impact of the various accident factors that were identified in the project’s first phase. EBP then used this analysis as a basis for identifying infrastructure measures that would lead to greater transportation safety. We also evaluated and estimated the potential the measures would have for minimizing avoidable accidents and personal injury.

In order to enhance the reliability of our findings, we started our work by supplementing the information in the available databases with other information relating to accident occurrence, roadway infrastructure, transportation volume, roadway users, vehicle characteristics, administrative measures and weather conditions.

One important conclusion we reached while completing our assignment is that there is a greater need to implement available solutions so as to increase the safety of roadway infrastructure in Switzerland than to identify and introduce innovative solutions. Indeed, it is essential at this point in time to swiftly and comprehensively implement newly developed and other existing regulations and proposals designed to enhance the safety of roadway infrastructure.

EBP carried out its project work together with the PTV Group.

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