Project: Risks Faced by St. Gallen, Phase II

Is the St. Gallen Civil Protection Agency ready to manage the risks it faces? In phase II of the Risks Faced by St. Gallen Project, those responsible for the project examined the potential for improvement and proposed appropriate measures.

Phase I of the risk analysis for the Canton of St. Gallen was carried out between 2015 and 2016. Phase II of the project then proceeded on the basis of the results obtained in phase I. The aim of phase II was to examine the extent to which the St. Gallen Civil Protection Agency is prepared for the relevant hazards it faces.

As in the case of phase I, EBP provided the St. Gallen Civil Protection and Defense Agency with extensive methodological and substantive support. The focus was on the following tasks:

  • Deficit analysis: What risks need to be addressed more effectively in the context of contingency planning and hazard response and mitigation?
  • Measurements planning: What measures need to be implemented to secure the necessary improvements?
  • Measurements prioritization: What cost-intensive measures within the Cantonal Council’s purview should be implemented on an expedited basis?
  • Planning for a system of continuous risk management: What would need to be done to establish an effective system of continuous risk management at the St. Gallen Civil Protection Agency?

The Cantonal Council examined the results in October 2018 and reached the conclusion that the St. Gallen Civil Protection Agency is generally well-prepared for the relevant risks. However, the Council also concluded that identified potential for improvement needs to be exploited. The Cantonal High Command has assumed responsibility for the coordination of the implementation of the recommended measures.

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